July 2, 2020

rotary cutter gearbox

(one) brand name new 45 horse- power (much more energy also avaiable) shearpin gearbox. This gearbox fits a number of distinct tends to make of 4′,5′ and some 6′ rotary cutters. I promote a lot of these bins each 12 months for many different purposes and carry ALL Substitution Parts for this box, but ideally you will not have to worry about that.
Here are the specs on the box:

*forty five horse energy gearbox

*Common one-3/eight” smooth input shaft(the place the pto shaft hooks on). The pto shaft is held on by a 1/two shearbolt.

*duration of the enter shaft out of the gearbox is 3″ lengthy

*bolt gap pattern for mounting is on the corners, four-3/four center of gap to centre of gap. It takes a five/8″ bolt.